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Our Philosophy

At NATIONAL Tae Kwon-Do Brisbane. We pride ourselves on delivering quality martial art training taught by passionate and highly qualified instructors. Our programs teach more than just the movements of Tae Kwon-Do, we believe it is just as important to train the mind to be strong, as it is the body.

National Tae Kwon-Do is my passion and my life, I run my club with professionalism and pride. There is nothing I would not do to help my students reach their goals.– Chief Instructor Tom Foggo


For the past forty years, NATIONAL Tae Kwon-Do’s program has proven time and time again that it is an excellent program that teaches a high standard of martial arts, promotes healthy bodies and minds and increases self-confidence in its students.  NATIONAL Tae Kwon-Do currently has training centres operating Australia wide, teaching our one of a kind program to thousands of children, teenagers and adults daily.

Main Goals

Instructor General Allen Byrne, established this program focusing on four main goals that are essential to our way of life.


Respect plays a major part in the practice of martial arts. Respect for country, master, instructors, senior ranks, dojang (“house of discipline,” AKA martial arts school) and self.


Discipline to commit to a goal, and persevere through all challenges. It is essential that students practice on a regular weekly basis and that they follow the instructions given by the instructor. A part of training is to instil discipline as part of a person’s lifestyle.


All great leaders understand the importance of persistence. Parents must understand that their children will benefit with consistent training and discipline in the dojang. Unless the person is injured or ill, it is best to attend class at least three times per week.


We promote leadership in our program by creating strong role models and leaders. Our black belts take on a leadership role and help teach other students in the class. Their skill set is then passed on to other students.


We are not involved in tournaments, however, our students have the opportunity to be graded every three months (depending on their level of commitment and ability) at a Grading Test. At this test, students will perform the martial art techniques they have learnt and have the chance to be graded by the Instructor General of NATIONAL Tae Kwon-Do Australia.

This is an important part of the NATIONAL Tae Kwon-Do journey because it builds our students confidence as they progress to higher belt levels. All parents, guardians and spectators are welcome to attend. It is a fantastic opportunity to see what our students have been taught in classes.

Our Values
Our logo features three statements that are the foundations National Taekwondo was built on.